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Long story short, the salesman ‘Bryan’, at Future Shop 6-1910 pembina in winnipeg, sold me an Open Box Mac Air as Factory Fresh. AND HE LIES.

just last friday, around noon, i went to future shop to get a rogers mobile internet stick w/ mac air. i specifically asked for the brand new mac air at least twice (at least 1 person besides the salesman ‘bryan’ heard that i wanted a brand new one). then ‘bryan’ asked me if i wanted a FREE optimization (his own word), i asked him what kind of optimization, but he just told me IT’S FREE, so i said yes. i also asked him if i could get a list of optimization they were gonna do to my mac air, a print out, and he said yes. so i left my mac in the store.

when i got a chance to see the receipt, i saw a $99 setup/restore charge. then in the afternoon, i called future shop and asked the salesman why there’s a $99 charge when i was told i was getting that FREE. then he said i was gonna get that the same price w/ for w/o the FREE optimization. so i thought it’s just a receipt thing. hung up.

the next day morning, i went to future shop to pick it up. i asked the tech guy if everything was set to go, an old man told me yes. i didn’t see a list of things they’ve done (OPTIMIZATION), then i asked for it, he just a gave me a future shop service ad. when i asked him where is cloth to clean the screen cause i want to make sure i don’t miss any parts, this old tech guy didn’t even know if a cloth comes w/ a mac air. when i asked him if i can borrow the external dvd or cd drive to install something myself, he said they didn’t have one for mac air, i said a usb one is good, he said they didn’t have any usb dvd or cd drives. so i just went home.

i was trying to install something to my mac air. then i couldn’t go online with the rogers internet stick. i also found the mac air’s usb connection part, where you need to open that thing to insert ur usb, is loose. so i decided to go back to future shop ask for an exchange. when i got there, i was told at the customer service that, future shop at polo park location had FACTORY FRESH one but i had to pay $100 more. i asked why, she told me that the mac air i bought was an OPEN BOX sale, and that’s why i got set up promotion $99. AT THIS TIME, I REALIZED THAT I WAS CHEATED BY THAT SALESMAN. I WAS SOLD AN OPENED MAC AIR AS A BRAND NEW ONE, SAME PRICE. I WAS DISAPPOINTED.

so some other people came to talk to me, including a tall tech guy, a girl at customer service, the store manager, and 2 other salesman. the manager told me that i called ‘bryan’ several times and explained it to me. SEE, THAT’S ANOTHER LIE TOLD BY THIS SALESMAN ‘BRYAN’, CAUSE I ONLY CALLED HIM ONCE IN THE AFTERNOON THE DAY I BOUGHT IT, AND ‘BRYAN’ NEVER TOLD ME SET UP/OPTIMIZATION IS NOT FREE. HE TOLD ME MAC AIR IS BRAND NEW, FREE OPTIMIZATION!

what i wanted at time was that: exchange & setup at future shop polo park location at no cost, refund $99 and exchange here, or refund $99.

the store manager’s offer was: exchange there w/o setup, refund $50 here, or full refund here.

at the last i got $99 refund at the store.

i’ll bring my mac air to an apple store to get it checked.

they would’ve asked me what kind of user i was, experienced mac user, experience pc user, etc before doing the set up/optimization. ONE EXAMPLE, CUSTOMIZING THE DOCK SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS AN OPTIMIZATION, BUT MY DOCK AT THAT TIME HAD 19 ITEMS. I WOULD USE LESS THAN 5. AND I WOULD WANT IT HIDDEN. SO I OPTIMIZED MY DOCK MYSELF!

apple gives free setup and services for every new mac owner. why do people at futureshop bs?
rogers internet stick gets pretty hot right after you get online, not working well in basement.


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