Install Windows XP Service Pack 1 in Mac OS X 10.6.3

Boot Camp way:

– run boot camp assistant, follow the prompt

– connect to a usb cd drive, insert windows xp service pack 1 disk

– download windows service pack 3

– download mac app that enables writing files from mac drive to boot camp drive. such as ‘ntfs-3g’. i don’t know which one is the best. move the service pack 3 to boot camp directory

– hold ‘option’ key, restart laptop to boot in windows/boot camp

– install service pack 3

– insert mac os x dvd disk into the usb dvd drive, install mac air drivers for windows

– update windows and done!

Parallel Desktop 5 Way:

– burn windows service pack 1 disk into an image file on mac hard drive

– start parallel desktop, follow the screen instructions.


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